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Changing the Cycle of Consumption

About Us

est. 2017


Our Story

In 1991, Carlos Aliaga and Anna Hosbein rescued 3 starving Pumas, two cubs and one adult from the Valle Alto in Cochabamba. The couple reached out to local Zoos, animal protection organizations, and ecologists to no avail. Anna and Carlos needed funding in order to provide for the growing pumas, and opted to raise money by traveling to San Francisco and  selling Bolivian handcrafted products in local markets.


As they fundraised money specifically intended for this unusual project, the couple did not know this would be the inception of both a business and model that would support their family and countless others. Today, AHA Bolivia has evolved into a fair trade certified ethical manufacturing company with two separate industries, knitwear and recyclable plastic, and provides work for over 200 local artisans while paying them a fair wage. AHA Bolivia values quality and attention to detail, simultaneously paying fair wages and reinvesting generated revenue in sustainable projects designed holistically to help the local community: employees, artisans and their families.

Help us Change the Cycle of Consumption, One Product at a time

Our Mission

Help us Change the Cycle of Consumption, One Product at a time

Our Mission

Tote La Vie is AHA Bolivia's newest environmentally friendly brand. Tote La Vie is a responsible brand that makes colorful and quality items designed for your daily use. We pride ourselves on the functionality, durability and aesthetics of our recyclable, handmade products. All of our products are made with recyclable plastic and come with a guarantee, as described in our GREEN GOAL.


Tote La Vie is different from other brands in that we also take care of the environment by recycling and repurposing the plastic and accessories in our products. Buying a Tote La Vie products means you are helping us reduce waste and protect the environment while staying fabulous! 

Our Values

Tote La Vie is a pioneer in the "extended producer responsibility" (EPR) model. By creating an eco-friendly brand capable of disrupting the traditional life cycle of a product so it can last from 5 years to a lifetime depending on your daily use.

Tote La Vie's GREEN GOAL = we are revolutionizing the traditional life cycle of products from buying, using, and disposing;




 and replacing with buying, reusing, repurposing, and recycling.




AHA Bolivia works with over 150 local artisans to make artisans are proficient in stitching, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and leatherwork.


Approximately 95% of our artisans are women and the mothers. Working with AHA Bolivia provides them with a stable income to take care of their families while working from home, maintaining a high degree of autonomy and flexibility.


Meet the members of the AHA Family!

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